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VIN Check


If your car was manufactured in the US after 1980, it will have a 17 digit VIN that has a searchable history in almost all 50 states.

We will email a PDF with your vehicle history report within 10 minutes after purchasing.

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With our VIN check service, we will provide information such as whether the vehicle is stolen, which state the vehicle is currently titled in, and vehicle brandings such as salvage, rebuilt, or junk. You can view a sample report HERE.

If your vehicle was made prior to 1981, it will not be possible to do a nationwide search and you will have to check the VIN with your state to locate the title history.

As an official access provider for the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), we partner with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry sources to offer one of the most comprehensive US vehicle history reports available, featuring:

Title Problem Checks
Verify across 60+ title brands

Prior Damage Checks
Avoid unsafe salvage rebuilds

Odometer Checks
Detect rollbacks & tampering

Active Theft Checks
Alert on active & past thefts

Open Lien Check
Avoid title transfer headaches

Past Sale Listings
See what it sold for before