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Justin G. 


Not going to lie to you, I was skeptical with this service like anyone else would at 1st when trying to make my "Dirt Bike Street Legal". 

I looked into there services, researched for nearly a month, read blogs, for sure did my research, and I said f*** it and decided to do it. 

Once I paid for the conversion kit, $350.. I was given a confirmation e-mail/ receipt and they got to work. (It is a Little expensive but if you want to ride legal especially in Miami you have to pay either a service or the police) 

I messaged these people almost everyday bothering them, and they responded every single time! And you know what, they delivered on there side with my tag, title & registration! 

I would highly recommend them! Excellent service, and friendly people. 

Thank you guys for your service and enabling me to ride on the road legal!!!

Steven R.

RZR1000 Street Legal.jpg

Decided to use dirt legal to street legalized my polaris zrz xp1000.

After receiving the package i was really skeptical to send my title and personal info, to a random company. Took me easy like 5 hours of talking to friend and thinking of worse case scenarios. So send the paper work and in about three weeks had my plate.

Extremely happy, the guy i spoke with, was always answering my calls, and kept me updated.

My rzr had no liens, i started the process for my 2nd rzr now, but it has a lien and its a more time consuming process. ill write another review on that one. As of now im driving my rzr in miami rodes, havent had a cop stop me yet, but it feels good knowing if i get pulled over, i have registrations. ha, love Dirt legal, keep up the good work.

update just got my second rzr plates, thanks again guys.

Mike D.

Five Star Review
Facebook Review
GA Tag.jpg

Went through Dirt Legal to get my XR600R plates and it was a success! Always wanted to be able to ride my supermoto on the street! Thanks Dirt Legal!


Tim D.

Google Review

These guys are what you would call professional! An absolute blast to work with if you will! They process quick and painlessly with no hassle on the consumers end. Do you need your dirt bike or ATV street legal? Well look no further because this is the only place to go! My experience with them was short and sweet. All my questions got answered in a very timely manor. I have ZERO complaints about this company! Give Dirt Legal a chance and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


KDX200 Street Legal

Helped legalize my 2 stroke, was super fast and very friendly. Definitely the goto guy if you're tryna convert ya bike đź‘Ś

Joe M.

Facebook Review

Best service ever… After months of trying to get my golf cart street legal I finally came across Dirt Legal… They made the process so easy literally took less than a week and I had my tag in hand… Wish I had found them when I first got the cart but glad I finally did… Not sure I would've been able to get it on the road without them thanks for everything guys!

Brian H.


Dirt legal was able to get my KTM tagged in my home state and the entire experience was simple and very fast. Definitely can’t recommend highly enough.

Jeff P.


I’m really happy to be writing a review for Dirt Legal because that means it worked out as promised and I am now street legal, plated and all, here in Southern California!  I’m extremely pumped about how this all came together after initially being frustrated and massively discouraged.  

Now, I even HAD an existing plate on my CRF450R.  The previous owner had plated it in Nevada AND had the title in hand.... I STILL got shutdown for plating it here in California regardless of this AND having every last detail covered, all the parts required to be street legal!!  It was going backwards!  Going from a successful conversion with a street legal title back to forfeiting it’s status and going back to off-road only.  So F**KED up!!  This left me horribly bummed and pissed.  I would’ve still pulled gears through town and bail down side streets when a cop would be on to me, however I didn’t want it to be that way.

To the current time, after many hours seeking out a solution, I came across Dirt Legal.  One thing that stood out was their 100% money back guarantee.  This brought my confidence level back knowing I was still in the fight.  After further discussion with them, awesome people might I add, I decided to go for it.  They are also genuine motorcyclists and enthusiasts and that was an Important factor for me.  People that actually GET IT.

I also happen to be pretty savvy with research and discovery and I had contemplated doing this whole deal on my own because of it.  I’m a smart dude and can take care of things myself -BUT- why not just increase your odds of success and utilize the guys who offer this as a service!?  It’s worth every-damn-penny!  You can spend the time researching and figuring out what the requirements are and the state department with whom signs off on your title, but again, I preferred 100% over 80%.  

You don’t have to sweat filling out the right stuff, shooting in the dark for a contact at the DMV, mailing to the right location, hoping your paperwork arrives, blah blah blah...  Dirt Legal has all this covered and then some!  They have existing relationships, all proper forms in place, tracking, follow through, answering questions and representing you, all the while you resume life and don’t do anything but wait for it.  

Lastly, I was motivated to get this done so I didn’t waste time by delaying my side of things.  Dirt Legal matches your speed.  If you send your stuff in right away, they send it out right away and so on.  No hold ups, no delays, no BS..  They are available to you around the clock, texting, calling, emails etc., you’re getting sh*t resolved!

All-in turn times?  Less than two weeks!  Yes, less than two weeks and I had my license plate and registration!!  I went from totally bummed out and defeated, to having a street legal title and plate under my rear fender.  This speed however is based on what I mentioned above; I was ON IT and if you are too, you will have similar results.  

I’m an extremely happy and satisfied customer of Dirt Legal and pleased to be writing this review for them.  They got my back and got my CRF450R on the street again!  Best of luck everyone and don’t mess around, hit these guys up and see for yourself!!

Proud owner of a 2003 CRF450R Supermoto; SoCal

Matthew S.

Dirt Legal Golf Cart

Thanks to the guys at DL! I probably couldn’t have gotten this done on my own - especially in 2 days! Great service! I can’t wait to get my neighbors on board w their golf carts!