Military Street Legal Service

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Street Legal Military Humvee
Street Legal Military Humvee
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Non Off-Road SF97 Sample.jpg
Off-Road SF97 Sample.jpg
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Street Legal Military Humvee
Street Legal Military Humvee
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Military Street Legal Service

from 649.00

This service provides you with a license plate and registration for your Military Vehicle.

We will mail you paperwork within 1 business day to be completed and returned to us.

**PLEASE NOTE: As of 2/07/22, if your vehicle only has a bill of sale, we will not be able to register it until further notice due to DMV changes. The Vermont registration option is also not available at this time.

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All you want to do is make your make your military vehicle street legal. All we want to do is help. That’s why we’ve removed the frustrating guesswork and dead-ends that are way too common with this process. In fact, we’ve removed the work for you entirely! Here’s what you can expect out of your hassle-free Dirt Legal conversion experience:

  • Out-of-state tag and registration1 in 3-6 weeks, easily renewable online each year.
  • New proof of ownership2, either a title (If Utah) or transferable registration (If Vermont) in your name 3–6 weeks later.
  • Dedicated agent support to guide you through the process and answer any questions about paperwork, state-to-state transfers, required parts, etc.
  • One-stop shop for any parts or accessories you need to make sure your ride is 100% road-ready

Why face hours of research, mounds of government paperwork, and ongoing headaches if you don’t have to? With a few docs and details from you, we handle all the heavy lifting. This is all you’ll need to do:

  1.   Proof of ownership:  Choose from Title/SF-97 or Bill of Sale Only above. This is the documentation we need to show the vehicle is yours. Then choose the regstration state. You do not need to live in this state for us to register the vehicle for you.

  2.   Checkout:   Click Add to Cart and complete the checkout process. You’ll receive an email confirmation with your receipt and order number.

  3.   Vehicle information:   Fill out the vehicle info form that appears after you checkout. As long as you have the proof of ownership and a Vehicle Identification Number3 (VIN) or Serial Number (SN), we can legalize any vehicle regardless of state.

  4.   Documents:   Keep an eye on your mailbox. We’ll send you a checklist for the materials we need to handle the conversion on your behalf, including your proof of ownership, copy of ID/social, notarized power of attorney4, and sales tax5 (if not already paid)

  5.   Send it in:   Mail everything to us using the pre-paid envelope we’ve provided to make it as easy as possible for you. Congrats, your part’s done! Now simply wait to receive your license plate in the mail! We will email you a tracking number once it's on the way.

Dirt Legal is the only team in town, any town, with the experience and know-how to get this done for you quickly and easily.  Feel free to Contact Us with any questions before you get started.  Otherwise, it’s time to join over a thousand other happy customers now taking their off-road vehicles to the streets!


“Very easy process, excellent communication and only took a few weeks to have the plate in hand!  Definitely recommend Dirt Legal to get your ride street legal!”

– Cole Holley, June 2019


“I ended up getting frustrated with all the different ‘recommendations’ online.  I literally did nothing except fill out some paperwork Dirt Legal sent me.  The whole thing took less than three weeks by the time I had the plate in my hand.  I couldn’t be happier.”

– Brandon Cozier, March 2019

1Potential in-state exceptions exist, but this does not impact the street legal conversion process
2Certain states may not accept title transfer, in which case the out-of-state tag will remain and can be renewed yearly
3For a Utah plate, a VIN inspection will be required. For a Vermont plate, a VIN inspection will only be needed if the vehicle is 2008 or newer.
4Dirt Legal’s POA form is solely limited to UTV registration, license plate purchase, and title transfer
5Payable by check or money order; Dirt Legal will indicate the exact amount based on 6-7% of the vehicle purchase price or NADA average retail value, whichever is higher

*By purchasing this service, you agree to our Terms of Service.


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