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We believe in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of adrenaline, and the freedom to explore the world on our own terms. Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, or a powersports machine like a UTV or ATV, we can help.

Our services will save you the time, stress, and uncertainty of solving your title troubles and getting out on the road.

Here’s what we do.

New titles, registrations, and lost title recovery services

  • Lost titles

  • Damaged titles

  • Incorrectly signed documents

  • Recently imported vehicles

Did you lose the title to your car? Misplaced the registration for your truck? Did you buy a motorcycle without a title or build a kit car in your garage? If it seems like you have to dig through endless information just to figure out how to get on the road, we know exactly how you feel.

Whatever your situation may be, our expert team can help with title-related issues of all shapes and sizes. We’ll sort everything out on your behalf and get your new documents to you quickly and efficiently, and it’s all backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Street legal registrations for off-road and powersports vehicles

  • Dirt bikes

  • UTVs

  • Golf carts, ATVs, military vehicles, and more

  • Titles, registrations, and license plates

  • Temporary Tags

  • Optional LLC formation

Imagine riding your dirt bike not only at the trail, but to the trail, all without a truck and trailer holding you back. Imagine driving your UTV to town, your dune buggy to the beach, your military vehicle to the mountains, or your ATV down your favorite country road. We believe in the right to ride these machines anywhere they can take us, and with street legal laws expanding nationwide, now is the perfect time to join the street legal movement.

Dirt Legal is proud to offer a streamlined street legal conversion service for off-road vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our expert team can get you a title, registration, and license plate with minimal time and effort on your part, all backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee and an expansive parts catalogue over at our sister site, GritShift. Let us handle the most challenging aspects of getting street legal on your behalf while you’re out riding.

Who we are

Dirt Legal is a small group of off-road enthusiasts based in Florida. Our central office is backed by a remote team spread across the country.

Dirt Legal began as a couple of guys who wanted to make their dirt bikes street legal. We had so many questions about the process, from the costs and fees to the proper paperwork involved, and we struggled to find answers anywhere. Time and stress stacked up fast. We soon realized why there was such a stigma of hassle around street legal conversions, and because we were on a limited budget we were constantly worried about making costly mistakes. Once we figured it all out, we started offering our first conversion service designed to give other enthusiasts a simple and stress-free way to get street legal.

From those humble beginnings, Dirt Legal has grown into the nation’s premier source for street legal conversions for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, go karts, military vehicles, and custom off-road builds. In the late 2010s we expanded to offer temp tags, title recovery, and registration services for just about any street legal vehicle, and in 2021 we launched our sister site, GritShift, focused on parts, accessories, and the future of dirt bikes, e-bikes, and other off-road machines. Our 100% human customer service team and extensive online resources are here to help you before, during, and after the process.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you’re making a vehicle street legal for the first time or just getting it back on the road, Dirt Legal can make it happen. Simply choose your service or vehicle type from the top menu.

Join thousands of others in the Dirt Legal community today.


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Dirt Legal solved the problem of getting my old car registered in CA. No more hassling with the DMV. Quick and simple process, Dirt Legal communicates progress immediately. A great service.
— Greg P. via Google Reviews
Dirt Legal UTV street legal
Dirt Legal street legal dirt bikes
Dirt Legal was extremely professional and also extremely fast with there service! I had some questions and called around lunchtime and they returned my call within minutes. My plates and registration for my KTM arrived in 2 weeks and I received my title 3 weeks later! It was a hassle free process and now I don’t have to load my bike up to get to the trails. A+ Dirt Legal, I couldn’t be any happier, Thank you!
— Anthony M. via Google Reviews
They reached out to me just to make sure everything was ok because I took longer than usual to send my documents. That’s enough to show how great these guys are to deal with. They always answer their phones and they got everything done seamlessly. Probably the best experience I’ve had dealing with a company… 👏 👏 👏
— Moe via Google Reviews
Dirt Legal UTV ATV dirt bike


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